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External (Independent) Auditing Services RFP

Proposals were received from four auditing firms.  In addition to providing a detailed proposal from each company, outlining its experience with schools, the audit approach the company takes, and listing of staffing, each auditing firm provided cost for the participating districts.  This cost included a base fee, plus a time and material cost for work done outside the specified scope.  Electronic copies of each proposal are included in the following attached documents.

School districts that are interested in obtaining services from any of the listed auditing firms should review the information contained in the proposals and work with the audit committee to schedule interviews with the auditing firms they may be interested in.  Upon the selections of the one firm that best meets yours districts requirements, the district will directly contract with that firm.  The contract should include “as per proposal submitted in response to Erie 1 BOCES RFP: 19-IND-AUDIT

Questions regarding the RFP bidding process should be directed to Purchasing, Erie 1 BOCES (716) 821-7015.

Questions regarding the content of any of the proposals should be made directly to the auditing firm.

External (Independent) Auditing Services Bid Responders:

Bonadio & Co Cost Proposal, Bonadio & Co Technical Proposal

Drescher & Malecki Cost Proposal. Drescher & Malecki Proposal

EFPR Cost Proposal, EFPR Group Technical Proposal

Lumsden & McCormick Cost Proposal, Lumsden & McCormick Proposal