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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
A. Please access this webpage Enter your login and click on the Forgot my Password link.
A. Please contact the WNYRIC Service Desk at (716) 821-7171 or 1-800-872-0780
or e-mail
A. Click HERE to link to the WNYRIC Forms Library page to access the WNYRIC DW (LVL1) Security Form.
This is a fillable on-line form. Please fill it out on-line, get signatures, then scan and email to
A. Click HERE to link to the WNYRIC Forms Library page to access the WNYRIC Level 0 Security Forms for DDC Level Access. There is one form for Student Data access and another for HR (Staff Data) access.  This is a fillable on-line form. Please fill it out on-line, get signatures, then scan and email to
A. For Level 0 password resets, please e-mail We will establish a new temporary Level 0 password. Once you access Level 0 with it, you will need to establish a new password. 
A. Your District SEDDAS Administrator creates this account on your behalf and grants rights.
Please review the attached guidelines.
SEDDAS Admin L2RPT Access Guidance.pdf
A. The L2RPT is a NYSED application hosted on the WNYRIC Dataview website. Security is administered through your district, charter school, BOCES or non public school using SEDDAS. To reset your password, access the NYSED Business Portal( click the Reset Password link in the top right hand corner of the webpage.
A. Our district/charter school/non-public school plans to change our District Data Coordinator (aka CIO).  How do we notify WNYRIC and NYSED of this type of change?  

We have updated the WNYRIC District Data Coordinator Change (DDC) Form. It is now the Notification Change Form and is used to designate a change of District Data Coordinator (DDC/CIO), Test Scoring Shipping address and/or other contacts to receive communications sent to DDCs

The form can be found on-line in the WNYRIC Forms Library. The URL is

Please refer to the screen print below:


This form is used to designate a new DDC/CIO for a public school district, charter school, BOCES or non public school. I have attached a document at the end of this e-mail that provides a description of the DDC role.

The updated form is also used to change information associated with a current DDC/CIO and/or to add names of other administrators who need to be copied on WNYRIC DDC communications. Also use the form to notify us of changes in the shipping address used by our Test Scoring team.

If you are changing the DDC for your organization, please make sure you also update NYSED's records. NYSED maintains information about your educational organization in a database called SEDREF. This includes administrative contacts. To see the SEDREF information for your district, you can access it from the NYSED Business Page. A link labeled SEDREF Query is contained on the left hand side of the main webpage labeled Public Interest. Please refer to the screen print below. The URL for this page is


If you have questions concerning the contents of this e-mail. please contact us at

 Guidance on the Role of District Data Coordinator.pdf

DW User Documentation

 DW User Documentation:


Related Documentation:


Item & Trend Maps


The item maps that are produced are shared with all of the Regional Information Centers for use in their regents performance reports click HERE for more

Link to WNYRIC Wiki Information

Link to Item Mapping Project

Item Maps Database (Excel format) 2009-Jan 2016 - includes Int Alg 2/2016 exam



Video: Level 0 Basics (created 2012)
NYSED's Level 0 Overview Video.
If you are having trouble viewing the Level 0 video copy and paste this link into your Web browser to view the video from the Level 0 Website.
L0HIST Training Materials