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When "Tech Support" Calls You
(alt="")An employee at the WNYRIC Education Campus recently received a phone call from an individual who offered technical (tech) support for his computer. This individual claimed that there were many errors being recorded from the employee’s computer. The caller then asked permission to remotely control the employee’s computer. The employee, wisely, did not consent to this request and ended the call.

This is a well-known scam. In addition to attempting to control your computer remotely, the caller may ask for personal information or even a credit card number. Please be aware that no outside tech support vendor will call you to offer tech support on your computer. If you did not request service from your district’s tech support department, do not allow any person whom you do not know to have access to your computer.

Some tips to help keep your personal information safe:
1. If you didn’t call for computer help and someone calls you to offer to fix or clean your computer, it’s a scam.

2. Never give your personal information, password, or credit card number to anyone, especially an unknown caller.

3. The caller may offer to provide a refund for tech support services you didn’t use. If so, hang up.

For any concerns about computer issues, please connect with your district's technical support. However, Lynn Reed, IaaS manager and network manager for WNYRIC, may also be contacted for additional assistance. She may be reached at (716) 821-7451 or

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