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Erie 1 BOCES
355 Harlem Road
West Seneca, NY 14224

Frequently Asked Questions

The vendor does not provide specific version or revision numbers.  Updates are done as needed by Media Flex, which are then pushed out globally to all hosted sites.

We also support the Regional Union Catalog <> for the four systems (E1BOCES, E2BOCES, CABOCES, ONBOCES)

  1. Best-MARC by Mitinet.
  2. Hardware from Worthington Data Solutions and Symbol Technologies (Inventory TriCoders and Circulation Desk USB Laser Scanners)
  3. Add-On products and modules currently offered by the vendor: Equipment module, textbook module, DPS Database Authentication System, CERF ad well as Student Data Integration.  Please contact us for a current list.

**Please refer to attached PDF**

  • As part of your CoSer participation, the Library Automation team will provide training to the certified School Library Media Specialist (SLMS) in all aspects of library automation (circulation, policies, cataloging, reports, inventory, MARC record enhancement)‚Äč

  • Limited training will be provided to the non-certified library staff

Library Automation CoSer Training.pdf

To reach us toll free, call 1-800-872-0780, and enter the 4-digit extension below:

Listing of Contacts
Alicia Thompson  821-7070
Todd Catalano  821-7265
Gary Ciszewski  821-7202
Patrick Doty  821-7427
Warren Knospe  821-7101

Lynda West: (716) 821-7116 Secretary, Library Services

Access our Virtual Database for OPALS training support documents at

System Requirements

Please see this vendor link for current requirements.

For additional requirements, please contact our office.