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Erie 1 BOCES Special Education provides programs which are designed for students with disabilities whose instructional needs cannot be appropriately served by their local school district.  Special education classes, for students ages 5-21, are hosted within our component school districts. 

 A team effort by related services itinerant professionals supports the classroom teacher in meeting the demands of the New York State Common Core Learning Standards.  The following itinerant services are provided, based on the student’s IEP:  speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, itinerant hearing services, itinerant vision services and social work counseling.

Special programs exist to specifically meet the needs of students with autism, behavior disorders and students who have previously not been successful in a traditional public school setting.  Transition services are an important part of the curriculum for all Special Education students.  Students have an opportunity to participate in a simulated workshop and in community internships.

For all students, learning is based on the New York State Common Core Learning Standards.

Special Education
Professional Development Day

Teachers from the Exceptional Education division convened to share best practices and review state mandates. Here are four snapshots from a few of the many sessions.

Alma Marranca-Ceccarelli (E1B 6:1:1 high school class in Frontier) and Kristen Tanski (12:1:1 high school class in Hamburg) work on updating state mandates in an interactive session.    Teachers learn from one another during an interactive session on student learning objectives. 


 Instructional Resource Teacher Melissa Metz presented on instructional strategies to engage all learners. Teachers worked in groups to discuss best practices they use in their classrooms and they shared with each other what educational websites they are also using to benefit students.

Alison Parczych from RSE-TASC presented to all special education teachers at Erie 1 BOCES on the process of writing PLEP's (Present Levels of Educational Performance) to Goals. This is an important piece in the IEP writing process and we feel our teachers will benefit by working with experts from our area on creating IEP's that are truly student centered.


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