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School Counselors

Well-informed counselors familiar with program offerings are the key to ensuring that prospective students have adequate and up-to-date information so they can make intelligent decisions about Career and Technical Education.


Students receive 7.5 credits upon successful completion of two years in a Career and Technical Education program.  A one-year program earns 3.75 credits.

Students may earn academic credit as part of an approved Career and Technical Education program for English, Math or Science.  These courses, which combine both academic and technical skills and knowledge, are jointly planned and delivered by certified academic and CTE teachers at commencement level standards. Counselors can register students for academic credit each year to meet graduation requirements.  Students may enroll in an approved CTE program and work toward earning academic credits, but the credits cannot be allocated until the student has passed his/her required assessment in the corresponding academic subject.

As permitted by the State Education Department, Erie 1 BOCES will integrate the Career and Financial Management content into all of our Career and Technical Education programs.

In addition, students in New Visions earn a 4th unit of English and a 4th unit of social studies. Students in Introduction to Nursing earn a 3rd unit in science for anatomy and physiology. Students in Health Careers earn a ½ unit in health.


To more fully integrate academics into all of our Career and Technical Education programs, Erie I BOCES has expanded its academic exposure efforts by providing  English, mathematics and science instructors to the Harkness, Potter and Kenton career and technical centers. 


In response to the requests from our business and industry advisory groups and post secondary institutions to strengthen the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills of the students in our programs, Erie 1 BOCES has introduced full integration of ELA in our two-year programs.  CTE teachers will co-plan and deliver ELA lessons with our English teachers.  Students will be eligible for a fourth or fifth unit of English upon successful completion of their two-year CTE program. 


An applications-based, commencement level mathematics course has been developed for Erie 1 BOCES Career and Technical Education students who are seeking to fulfill the third unit of the New York State mathematics requirement. The course will cover applications in several Math A topics and implement contextualized mathematics from various Career and Technical Education programs.  Performing mathematics to solve real world problems will enable students to connect mathematics to post- secondary education and career advancement.


An integral aspect of this challenging course at Erie 1 BOCES is the application of the core principles of environmental science to the specific Career and Technical Education programs. The wide range of hands-on projects and research activities were developed to fulfill the learning standards in math, science, and technology.  This commencement level science course has been developed for Career and Technical Education students who are seeking to fulfill the third unit of the New York State Science requirement. 

Achievement Award

To encourage students to reach their full potential and to recognize their accomplishments and efforts, Career and Technical Education Achievement Awards are issued.  Certificates are given to students who develop the essential skills required for the workplace. 


- Completion of all program requirements
- Average of at least 85% for the two years
- Good attendance (15 days absence per year, maximum of 30 days for two years)
- Punctuality (Maximum of 10 days late per year)
- Portfolio in program area with 75% average
- Participation in a program internship

Student Registration

Student Registration will open Tuesday, January 2 

Register Students Here

For training, questions, or concerns, please contact:

Important:  Do not make changes to a student's information in the portal.  Please contact the host center to make the change for you.  

College Credit (Articulation Agreements)

Students can save time and money by taking advantage of Erie 1 BOCES numerous Articulation Agreements. These allow students to move from high school to college without unnecessary gaps or overlaps in their education. 

For a complete listing of agreements and requirements, please click here

Questions Contact:
Anedda Trautman
Technical Endorsement

The Technical Endorsement seal is affixed to the high school diploma of students who complete a 2-year NYS approved Career and Technical program and meet the following:

Requirements Include:

  • Complete the Requirements for the High School Diploma
  • Successful Completion of the Portfolio and Internship
  • Successful Completion of the National Technical Assessment

School Social Workers

The full time School Social Workers at the Career and Technical Centers provide social/emotional support and clinical intervention to CTE students.  School Social Workers are licensed through NYS to provide confidential services to students and their families. 


Services offered by the School Social Worker include, but are not limited to:

  • Confidential One on One Student Support
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Referrals and Collaboration with Community Resources
  • Peer Mediation
  • Problem-Solving
  • Student Advocacy
  • Stress Management
  • Social/Professional Skills Training
  • Home District Consultation and Case Management
  • Family Consultation and Recommendations (Regarding, but not limited to, Mental Health and Social Services)