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Parent Page
A. There is no additional cost for your child to attend our Career and Technical Educational program. Tuition is paid for by the home school district, which receives State Aid specifically for our programs. However, some programs may require students to purchase tools, supplies, or uniforms at their own expense.
A. Transportation is typically provided by your child's home school to any of our facilities and is encouraged as the primary means of transportation. Students enrolled in off-campus New Visions programs must arrange for their own transportation. Your child's safety is of paramount importance to Erie 1 BOCES and we encourage all students to use transportation provided by the home school system when available.

Students attend a career center for 2.25 hours each school day. This allows students to participate in their extracurricular home school activities. Erie 1 BOCES believes in a well-rounded education and encourages students to participate in activities and athletics, as well as opportunities within the BOCES programs to compete in regional and national competitions. Your child's home school guidance counselor is responsible for scheduling and monitoring the successful completion of each year of a program. Most programs are two-year sequential programs and provide a total of 7.5 credits, which may include a unit of English, math and/or science. This credit allocation can provide needed flexibility in your student’s busy high school schedule. Seniors who did not attend a career center the previous year are welcome to attend the first year of a program.  For more detailed information, contact your child's home school guidance counselor.

A. Erie I BOCES provides a team of individuals to provide your child with the best educational experience possible.  Among the many resources helping your child attain success in their chosen career are:
      -     Consultant teachers  (available for students, parents, and teachers) to help each  student maximize their learning experience;
      -     Social workers to provide counseling should a situation require it;
      -     Work learning teachers to assist students with internships and job placement for alumni; and
      -     Career counselors who work closely with the home school guidance counselors, providing information on employment trends, training requirements and technical advancements in each program.

You Are Invited

   -     Attend Parents Night in October to talk with teachers in each of the programs and see the state-of-the-art facilities that make up the educational environment for your child.

   -     Call the building principal and arrange a visit to the Career and Technical center in your area.  These educators are proud of the education they provide and enjoy your personal involvement in your child's education. 

A. To read more about Erie 1 BOCES' Parents Bill of Rights, click here.