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Social Media Communication Plan - Level 1

Our communications professional will meet with you to discuss your current communication processes and social media options. We'll review your board approved website policy, FEPRA policy and website guidelines (provided by the district). Our communications professional will then draft a social media plan that includes a timeline, suggested review/revision to your existing policy/guidelines (if needed), suggested social media selection(s) and provide a suggested workflow for posting practices. After reviewing this draft with the district, a final plan will be provided.

More details are provided in the Responsibilities and Service Level Agreement tabs. 

The District will provide Erie 1 BOCES staff with current contact information (the full names and titles, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses) of designated District officials who should receive information on behalf of the District from Erie 1 BOCES in connection with this service.

The district will provide the documentation, as requested such as: website policy, FEPRA policy and website guidelines to ensure the plans stability.

The District will provide content, respond to drafts, and provide approvals in a timely manner to meet the pre-established deadlines.
Erie 1 BOCES pricing includes:
An initial 1-hour meeting with the superintendent (or his/her designee). 
The employee time to research and recommend timelines, tactics and estimates.
The technology needed to conduct such research.
The employee time to draft the plan document and share the draft with the district. 
The technology needed to perform those duties.
Phone, e-mail and a follow-up meeting with the superintendent (or his/her designee) to           finalize the plan. 
Employee mileage reimbursement up to $50.






Candace Reimer

(716) 821-7193