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Rewrite/Editing Service

Keep your writing for publication "on message" and in tip-top shape with the convenience of the Rewrite/Editing Service. Simply provide a draft of your document and specify the intended purpose and audience. The service ensures clear, polished, effective communications every time for speeches, websites, newspaper columns, letters to the community and other publications.

Provided by BOCES

· Communication Services will provide a representative to edit your material from Erie 1 BOCES' offices.

· Based on the districts needs, our professional will already have knowledge and experience in many or all of the following areas: print layouts, photography, Web site navigation and content management, video, project planning and coordination, message points, engaging various media outlets and writing projects.

· The BOCES employee will have the standard equipment required to conduct a traditional Communications-focused role. Please see the "district will provide" notes.

· The BOCES employee will have the standard supplies required to conduct a traditional communications-focused role. Please see the "district will provide" notes.

· Telephone number, voice mail and an e-mail account will be provided for the BOCES employee.

· BOCES will fulfill all functions associated with employment such as payroll, time sheets, evaluations, standard staff development, etc…

District will Provide

· The district must provide project direction and original text/details within a timely manner.

· The district must provide an onsite contact to direct and approve the work the district needs completed.

· Unique software and hardware? The district must provide and pay for the training of technology unique to their district.

·Final approval of all published materials requires the sign-off of the district.

Our service fee includes:

· Standard costs of employment for the duration of time contracted, including: salary, benefits, FICA, unemployment and workers compensation insurance and the NYS retirement system.

· Minimal costs associated with standard computer hardware and software including a laptop, CD/DVD burner, flash drive, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photo Shop and PDF Writer.

· E-mail account and server storage for the files created.

· A digital camera and digital video camera for the FTE to use.

· A VoIP Soft Phone and telephone number for the FTE to use.

· Standard office supplies (such as pads of paper, pens, stapler, post its, editing flags, highlighters etc…)

· Staff development at Erie 1 BOCES including professional association fees and training on the standard hardware and software noted above.

· BOCES supervisory costs and office support associated with employment at Erie 1 BOCES (ex: out of office coverage, attendance requests, processing payments, monitoring processes/procedures, annual evaluations, etc…).

·This is a per hour rate for normal office hours, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

·Final approval of all published materials requires the sign-off of the district.






Candace Reimer

(716) 821-7193