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Oleweus Bullying Prevention is a multilevel, multi-component, school-based program designed to prevent or reduce bullying in elementary, middle and junior high programs. It is a model bullying prevention program for the US Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention.

The program assists schools in restructuring their existing environments to reduce opportunities and rewards for bullying. School staff is largely responsible for introducing and implementing the program. Their efforts are directed toward improving peer relations and making the school a safe and positive place for students to learn and develop.

Oleweus Bullying Prevention training has resulted in these outcomes: 


  • 30-70 % reduction in student reports of being bullied or bullying
  • Significant reductions in student reports of general antisocial behavior
  • Significant improvements in classroom order and discipline
  • More positive student attitudes toward school work and school

Please contact Ann Adams at 716-821-7577 for additional information.