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School Support Services
Events in School Support

The School Support Services team assists schools in maximizing instructional time, increasing academic achievement and reducing high school drop-out rates by establishing school-wide positive behavioral systems. These systems, such as Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), contribute to a school climate that is conducive to both teaching and learning, which ultimately provide a firm foundation for the academic success of all students.

Our team offers professional development on evidence-based, data-driven and outcome-focused strategies. The behavioral response to intervention and classroom management programs address barriers to learning including bullying, harassment and other negative student behaviors, cultural competency, tardiness and poor attendance, as well as the specific language and special needs of students.

The mission of our division is to provide a firm foundation for the academic success of all students. We are able to actualize this mission by providing targeted supports for your specific needs. All districts are assigned a representative, or a team of representatives, following a customized needs assessment. Focused on data-driven outcomes, we build an individualized plan for your district from the start to ensure we can chart your progress.

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A Focus on Attendance
Regular school attendance is a proactive way to avoid academic failure. School Support Services at Erie 1 BOCES can assist districts by providing professional development and technical assistance to improve student attendance. A custom tool kit will be developed for each district that will include a set of research-based strategies using the district’s unique data.  This process will allow a district to know where they fall on the chronic absentee scale and how to best address the issue within their community. 

Erie 1 BOCES is active with the Every Student Present public awareness campaign. The campaign is designed to help school staff, parents and communities understand the impact of chronic absence, which is defined as missing approximately 18 days of school. The goals of the campaign are to promote awareness of chronic absence and to build capacity among schools, families and communities to reduce chronic absence. The NYS Council on Children and Families, which leads the public awareness campaign, has developed a partnership with many agencies including Erie 1 BOCES. The council has recently launched a website with additional resources; please see more by visiting

Erie 1 BOCES is proud to partner with Buffalo Public Schools on several initiatives to improve student attendance. Here are two examples: 

  • School Orientation with Ready Freddy: Ready Freddy (a big, green frog attendance mascot) helped engage students and families early while communicating that attendance in Pre-k and kindergarten is not optional, but critical to school success—the first day and every day. Orientation sessions drew thousands of parents and students onto school busses to meet teachers and principals followed by a tour of their school buildings before the first day of school.  Ready Freddy, a program that was developed by the University of Pittsburg, focuses on Pre-k and kindergarten  transition, readiness and attendance in building the foundation for academic success.

  • National Attendance Awareness Month: The Buffalo Public Schools (BPS) and city-wide partners kicked off Attendance Awareness Month, which is September, by calling on the community to address the city's attendance crisis.  The media was present for two events, one with BPS Interim Superintendent Donald Ogilvie speaking to the importance of school attendance and another  where Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown had a mayoral proclamation for city-wide attendance improvement. Erie 1 BOCES partners such as City of Buffalo, the Buffalo Public Schools Foundation, Say Yes Buffalo, Read to Succeed Buffalo, United Way of Buffalo & Erie County, Present Students/Future Leaders and the Every Student Present Campaign blanketed the city with lawn signs, posters, buttons, banners, stickers, etc. with the message “ Attendance Counts - First Day Every Day” and encouraging the community to be “ attendance champions.”  The attendance mascot, named Ready Freddy , helped to distribute materials at parades, summer school and other city events.

If you would like to learn more about these initiatives and others provided by School Support Services, please contact Jane Ogilvie at (716) 821-7552. 

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