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Learning Center


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Erie 1 BOCES Learning Center
675 Potters Road
West Seneca, NY 14224
Phone (716) 821 - 7025

Principal, Erik Vohwinkel

Visitors to the School

Erie 1 BOCES welcomes you to its Technical Centers and schools.  The building principal or designee is responsible for the safety of all persons in the building and on the grounds.  For these reasons, the following rules apply to all visitors:
1. Anyone who is not a regular staff member or student of the school will be considered a visitor.
2. Visitors who wish to enter the building are asked to enter through the front doors at all times.  A camera and intercom are located at the front doors.  After identification is made through the intercom/camera, the visitor will proceed to the main office or sign in station.
3. All visitors to the school must report to the main office upon their arrival. Visitors are required to show a government issued photo ID (driver’s license) to gain access to the building. In addition, they should expect to answer questions regarding their identity and purpose of the visit. After obtaining access they will be issued a visitor’s identification label, which must be worn at all times while in the school or on school grounds.  The visitor must sign in/out at the main office before entering/ leaving the building. Passes will be collected prior to their departure.
4. Any unauthorized person on school property will be reported to the principal or designee.  Unauthorized persons will be asked to leave.  The police may be called if the situation warrants.
5. All visitors are expected to abide by the rules for public conduct on school property contained in the Code of Conduct.

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