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E1B Connect: Opening Day 2019

“What makes us weak, makes us strong,” stated David Rendall, author and keynote speaker of this year’s Erie 1 BOCES Opening Day ceremony. The 2019 ceremony, titled “E1B Connect,” was held at the Millennium Hotel in Cheektowaga, where 12-month Erie 1 BOCES employees came together for awards, speakers, and breakfast food.
The morning began by acknowledging the hardworking committee who made the event possible. Kelly Eisenried, director of human resources, came to the stage to welcome and announce the names of our 45 new 12-month employees. Eisenried then acknowledged the dedicated employees who received service awards this year. Fifteen employees celebrated 10 years of service, and 16 more celebrated 15 years. There were 16 employees celebrating 20 years of service and five celebrating 25 years. James Fregelette from the Finance Services division, Ronald Nowak and Anne Schuh from the Technology Services division all were honored for 30 years of service at Erie 1 BOCES.

For the second year in a row, Erie 1 BOCES hosted Rendall as the keynote speaker for the event. Rendall is the author of "The Freak Factor," which emphasizes the significance of personal weaknesses, and offers ways to transform those weaknesses into strengths. The presentation was interactive, with Rendall asking all employees to fill out a strengths and weaknesses quiz and share them with other employees. Rendall asked employees in the audience to share their results and suggested that we be unapologetic about our weaknesses and use them to our advantage. Employees were engaged during the presentation through questions and were encouraged to interact with each other. 

District Superintendent Lynn Fusco, Ph. D., finished off the event with a message about her love and appreciation for all the Erie 1 BOCES employees. Then, employees returned to the Erie 1 BOCES Education Campus where food trucks were waiting. The rest of the afternoon consisted of breakout sessions, where employees participated in self-care, team building, and professional growth activities. This “E1B Connect” event allowed employees to engage with one another and learn more about themselves.

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