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Turning the page on a new era - newsletter cover letter

Lynn FuscoMilestones not only celebrate what is past, they also spark a new beginning. In honor of Erie 1 BOCES’ 60th anniversary, I am pleased to reveal our new printed communication: "E Journal." For decades, Erie 1 BOCES produced a newsletter titled “Current” to summarize the organization’s successes and events. However, in this new era of social media, we have modified our traditional newsletter approach.

As I type these words, Erie 1 BOCES has approximately 5,000 followers across three social media platforms. For the first time in our organization’s history, a mass number of people are sharing in our successes the moment they occur. Thus, we have taken the opportunity to utilize our printed communication to dig deeper into the trends and programs directly affecting our school community.

I hope that you find the information within this journal helpful, both personally and professionally. Even after 60 years, we are still discovering new ways to live our mission of “committing to those we serve - students, staff and community - by understanding, anticipating and responding to their needs.” The articles will vary in each edition, but we remain dedicated to providing you with information regarding instructional and non-instructional matters touching local education.

When I take stock of all the ways that Erie 1 BOCES has contributed to the success of students, schools and their communities for the past 60 years, it makes me overwhelmed with pride. Together, let us turn the page on a new era.

Lynn M. Fusco, Ph. D.
District Superintendent/CEO 

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