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Lead Testing
Erie 1 BOCES is committed to protecting the health of all students, teachers and staff. In compliance with New York State legislation, which requires every school building to test water outlets for lead, Erie 1 BOCES used an outside testing laboratory to review all water outlets. The list below is updated as new information becomes available.

Summary Letters By Building

Kenton Career & Technical Center
 - 10/21/16 Letter to Parents & Staff

Harkness Career & Technical Center
 - 10/26/16 Letter to Parents & Staff

Potter Career & Technical Center
 - 10/31 Letter to Parents & Staff

Exceptional Education Sites
- 10/27 Letter to Parents & Staff

All CTE Locations
 - 11/21/16, Update

 - 01/13/17 Letter to Parents & Staff


Detailed Reports By Building

Kenton Career & Technical Center
- 10/20/16 Test Result Report
- 10/27/16 retest

Harkness Career & Technical Center
- 10/25/16 Test Result Report
- 11/1/16 retest

Potter Career & Technical Center
 - 10/28/16 Test Result Report
 - 11/8/16 retest

*Students within special education and alternative classrooms will be informed by the district hosting the Erie 1 BOCES classes.
Read more via this letter.