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IRT554 Kagan Cooperative Learning - Days 1 & 2
Start Date/Time: Wednesday, June 28, 2017 8:30 AM
Recurring Event: One time event
Importance: Normal Priority
When students are engaged, they pay attention, they’re motivated, they learn more, and the learning sticks. Traditional classroom teaching captures the minds and attention of some students, but not all. With traditional instruction, there is always a subset of students who fall through the cracks. Kagan Structures require every student to participate frequently and approximately equally. Kagan Structures close the achievement by creating dramatic gains for struggling students. But the gains are not bought at the expense of high achievers; they too are engaged in a richer, more interactive learning environment. Engagement is why low-performing and minority students who use Kagan Structures outperform their school and district peers who don’t. Engagement is why students report that they like school more, their teachers more, the academic content more and feel better about themselves, and they are also less disruptive. Engagement is the reason why principals of failing schools can turn schools around, quickly. Participants will learn how to use Kagan Structures to increase achievement, improve ethnic relations, enhance self-esteem, create a more harmonious classroom climate, reduce discipline problems, and develop student’s social skills and character virtues.

Location: Cleveland Hill UFSD, 105 Mapleview Road, Cheektowaga

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