Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I sign-up for a workshop?
Step One: Go to the Events & Workshops link to the left on the main page.
Step Two: Find the title of the workshop.
Step Three: Click on the blue lettered hyper link to bring up the flyer.
Step Four: Print off the flyer, fill out the information, get it signed by your administrator, and fax it to the number listed on the flyer.
Can coordinators come to my school to do workshops?
Yes!  Just contact the coordinator to find out if they have an available date to come to your school.                            
Can workshops listed on flyers also be done at my school?
Yes!  Just contact the coordinator to see if they are available to come to your school.
Are there subject matter specialists who can come to my school?
Yes!  Check for coordinators under the tab labeled Content Areas for the appropriate grade level content area specialist.
Can I pay for IRT Services with Federal Monies? 
Yes!  You need to have an appropriate "F" code!  Please contact Barb Mocarski to find out specifics. 
Can I increase the monies in my "535" code?
Yes!  Please contact Barb Mocarski to find out how.
I'm in a Erie 1 BOCES Title Group and want to attend a non-Erie 1 BOCES event.  Can the event be covered by consortium funds?
No!  Unless the event in question is a Erie 1 BOCES event, it cannot be covered by consortium funds.  Contact Tim Johnson for more information.
After I have signed up for a workshop, will I be contacted with a confirmation?
No!  Confirmations are not sent.  Please contact Rosemary Valenti if you are not sure if you are registered for a workshop.