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Erie 1 BOCES Special Education provides programs which are designed for students with disabilities whose instructional needs cannot be appropriately served by their local school district.  Special education classes, for students ages 5-21, are hosted within our component school districts. 

 A team effort by related services itinerant professionals supports the classroom teacher in meeting the demands of the New York State Common Core Learning Standards.  The following itinerant services are provided, based on the student’s IEP:  speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, itinerant hearing services, itinerant vision services and social work counseling.

Special programs exist to specifically meet the needs of students with autism, behavior disorders and students who have previously not been successful in a traditional public school setting.  Transition services are an important part of the curriculum for all Special Education students.  Students have an opportunity to participate in a simulated workshop and in community internships.

For all students, learning is based on the New York State Common Core Learning Standards.

Special Education
Exceptional Education Staff Development Day
A better understanding of the cycle of poverty and new strategies in helping behaviorally-challenged students highlighted an Exceptional Education staff development day at Erie 1 BOCES.

Teacher Centers of Western New York presented a "Poverty Simulation," which took participants through four "15-minute weeks" intended to offer insight into the challenges of raising a family in poverty. They had to get jobs, send their children to school, work with the Social Security Administration office, pay bills, buy food and more.

The event also featured a presentation by Dr. David Meichenbaum of The Summit Center entitled "Redefining Consequence: Considerations and Strategies for Addressing Challenging Behaviors."

Kristen Marchiole, Erie 1 BOCES' senior supervisor for exceptional education, said that the special education teachers and aides who attended the presentation learned a lot and are looking forward to learning more from Dr. Meichenbaum in the future.

About Exceptional Education
From emotional and social challenges to mental and physical impairments, Erie 1 BOCES Exceptional Education can address a variety of student needs that fall outside the scope of a traditional school setting. The degree of support required for students with exceptional needs can often be cost prohibitive for one school district to  tackle completely on its own. At Erie 1 BOCES, we pool the resources of multiple school districts to provide full service, quality programing by sharing the expense. The result, unique opportunities and exceptional results.
Marlo Lagana was one of many Exceptional Education staffers who volunteered to take part in the poverty simulation.

Dr. David Meichenbaum of The Summit Center delivers a presentation during Exceptional Education staff development day.

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