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Currently Certified Teachers

To obtain your certification through the Erie 1 BOCES Regional Certification Office, you must reside or teach in one of our component school districts or the City of Buffalo.

Progression from Initial to Professional Certification:

  • Initial Certification is valid for five years. Check your TEACH account for the exact expiration date of your initial certification.
  • Within the five years, you must:
    • obtain a Master's Degree (along with requirements for specific graduate coursework, in some cases)
    • complete three years of teaching experience: 3 years = 540 days**
    • be mentored (with some exceptions)
    • have completed all required workshops

    **If the effective date of your first initial certification was on/after 2/1/14, your teaching experience must be in the content/area/level of the certificate: As of 9/1/16, all teaching experience for professional certification must be verified using this form: or with a Superintendent Statement from your employer in TEACH.


Additional Areas of Certification:

If you currently hold a valid NYS Certification, and you are interested in obtaining an additional certification, please contact our office at (716) 821-7194 or We will direct you to a TEACH feature which lists the requirements for all areas of certification, and we will provide guidance with the TEACH application process through our office.

PLEASE NOTE: The only way to receive an official evaluation of your credentials from our office is to apply in TEACH and choose Erie 1 BOCES as your processor.


Time Extension / Initial Reissuance:

If you will not have the requirements completed for professional certification by the expiration date of your initial certification, you may need to apply for a time extension or a reissuance. These applications are processed exculsively by NYSED. Prior to applying, it is suggested that you read the requirements carefully.

          Time Extension Info:

          Initial Reissuance Info


Request An Appointment

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Consultation Appointments
There is a $25 fee for a consultation appointment. This fee is non-refundable, and is payable in cash or money order only (no personal checks). It also covers the BOCES processing fee for the first application submitted in TEACH.

*Please Note: The only way to receive an official evaluation of your credentials is to apply in TEACH.